New Australian start-up Pacific Blue Health has launched a range of Australian made probiotic products designed to improve the health of millions of Australians affected by gut health problems.

With the backing of South Korean pharmaceutical giant CKD Holdings, Pacific Blue Health has launched the Elementelle Probiotics+ range in Australia with ambitious plans already for expansion.

Four products launched today in Priceline stores and online – Healthy Ageing, Brain and Cognition, Hair, Skin and Nails; and Kids, Immunity and Learning – utilising a series of clinically trialled and patented probiotics. 

 Pacific Blue Health Founder John Kim says not all probiotics are the same but Elementelle Probiotics+ is Australian made and sources only the finest ingredients. 

“What sets Elementelle Probiotics+ apart from other probiotics on the market is a unique patented technology from CKD that protects the probiotics from being destroyed by stomach acid.

“We ensure Elementelle Probiotics+ has optimal potency, combined for the highest efficacy and safety.

“We use pharmaceutical grade ingredients with a focus on sourcing everything from Australia that is also GMO-free and vegan friendly.

“In my home country of South Korea, one in three people already take the CKD range of probiotics. 

“By using CKD drug delivery technology and only the best probiotics and prebiotics and specific vitamins and minerals, we have developed an exciting range for the Australian market.”

Many Australians suffer gut health problems with conditions such as bloating, flatulence, pain and poor bowel habits affecting them every single day.

Pacific Blue’s General Manager of Marketing and Sales, Matthew Flint, says relief is at hand and Australia was a natural choice to launch the product.

“We called the product Elementelle because it’s elemental to your overall health.

 “If you don’t have your gut health, it’s going to have multiple negative effects including poor nutrient absorption, poor bowel habits, damaged immunity and poor sleep habits.” 

“The Australian market is very multicultural so it’s a good place to test our product. If we succeed here, we feel we can become a world-wide brand. 

“As a start-up, we believe that if we can show we have this good culture and ethos, we’ll attract the best people and win over new customers.

“We’re committed to offering only ingredients that are backed by scientific evidence; that are transparently sourced; that are independently tested for quality, potency and purity; that are based on effectiveness, not expense.

“In our hair, skin and nails formula we have an ingredient called Lycopene, which in clinical trials has been shown to improve skin smoothness, thickness and radiance. No-one else has this in the Australian market.

“We use the purest form of Vitamin K2 which has been clinically trialled to support bone and heart health in our healthy ageing formula.

“All the products use the scientifically-validated probiotic related to the condition.” 

Q. Hello. Thank you for your company introduction.

PacificBlue Health (PBH) was founded in Australia with a passion for better gut health and the hope that “we all want to be much healthier and happier.”

PacificBlue Health (PBH) has researched, developed and marketed a range of Australian probiotic products to improve the health of millions of Australians affected by intestinal health problems in the face of the fact that more than half of Australians suffer intestinal health problems every day from painful states such as bloating, flatulence calls, pain and bad bowel habits.   

PacificBlue Health (PBH) adhere to strict quality parameters – and meticulously select all ingredients based on scientific evidence, tested independently for quality, efficacy as well as purity. Our focus is on efficacy, not cost.

PacificBlue Health (PBH) adhere to a prescription pharmaceutical companies quality protocols and standards, so there is a lot of interest in efficacy. We believe that the product should actually be beneficial to health over hyped marketing claims. We tested lactic acid bacteria derived from nature in collaboration with the National Instituteof Complementary Medicine and clinical research companies to verify effectiveness; in accordance with TGA drug monitoring regulations. Stability tests are conducted periodically during the product warranty period of 2- years, so most customers who have experienced Elementelle Probiotics+ products from Pacific BlueHealth (PBH) actually experience efficacy.  

Other companies, on the other hand, think of lactobacillus as a healthy food and rely on brand marketing to sell their products. These are the key differences between pharmaceutical company PacificBlue Health (PBH) and other Australian brands.

Q. What kind of relationship do you know of a company that is associated with end-to-end parties?

80-year-old Chong Kun Dang (CKD) is a pharmaceutical company that has been producing anticancer drugs since1965. PacificBlue Health (PBH) has a strategic partnership with    CKDBio. CKD’s patented Proline method of lactobacillus is supplied under exclusive agreement.

Q. Please describe elementelles lactobacillus products made at Pacific Blue Health.

What are the differences from other products?

Lactic acid bacteria have different efficacy by type. For example, some lactic acid bacteria are particularly effective in triglycerides, and other lactic acid bacteria are effective in immunity, and there are also good lactic acid bacteria for skin care. We combined these lactic acid bacteria with vitamin and minerals to find the most appropriate formula for gender and age.

The introductory range is comprised of five products: Kids Immunity and Learning Powder products for children, Anti-aging lactic acid bacteria (Healthy Ageing) capsules, Hair Skin Nail capsules, Brain and Cognition lactic acid bacteria capsules as well as convenient sachets.

In October 2020, we will be introducing insomnia, anxiety-relieving lactic acid bacteria (Sleep & Anxiety) capsules, Immunity Guard capsules, and Everyday Wellness capsules.

Scheduled for release in March 2021: IBS Defense, Eczema Guardian and Women’s Health & PMS Balance.

In the second half of 2021, PacificBlue Health will introduce Probiotics + Collagen (female skin health), and  a unique lactic acid bacteria for the improvement of certain organs (liver, kidney) and disease (osteoporosis).

Elementelle Probiotics+ products are based on a multi-action formula with the addition of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals.   

Scientifically validated probiotics species have been selected and the number of guaranteed bacteria has been significantly increased to 30 billion CFU; including prebiotics that feed probiotics to help probiotics to survive in Australia’s harsh climate.  In general, lactic acid bacteria die over time, and prebiotics help lactic acid bacteria survive for a long time; there is no product in Australia’s third-party lactobacillus products that are mixed with prebiotics.

We added clinically tested functional vitamins and mineral nutrients to match the therapeutic condition; premium raw materials, ensure a premium product that users will feel the benefit to their overall well-being.

Elementelle Probiotics+ products are clinically trialed and combined with patented Proline coating to dramatically improve lactic acid bacteria survival even when not refrigerated; they improve the convenience of not having to refrigerate at a value for money price point.

Q. I’m not easy to get into Priceline, and I know I’m ahead of the way, so what’s the secret to that success?

Under the influence of  COVID-19, the largest banners groups Priceline and Chemist warehouse withheld the entry of new brands. During the negotiation process, I was hesitant to make elementelle probiotics+ admissions decisions, but I was somewhat cautious. Two            well-known brands were delisted, and Elementelle was ranged by Priceline, so it seemed that banners are cautious and take their time to review and make decisions.  

I think the secret to entering the company is to be patient about marketing cooperation plans and long-term development plans with banner groups and distributors to form consensus through continuous communication.

Q. I’m curious about John Kim’s personal business philosophy and direction of direction.

For more than 20 years, I have had extensive industry knowledge and experience in various industries such as pharmaceutical and bio biotechnology, IT and steel manufacturing, and since 2016 has led a new business project to find a company focused on research and development of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical device-related products.

I believe that it is necessary for a sustainable company development to develop differentiated products with good raw materials and excellent quality, and to invest for the long term to satisfy customers. Elementelle Probiotics+ will grow to become a leading brand in the Australian probiotics market.

Q. The Australian market itself is quite conservative, so it would have been hard to get started, but please tell us about your experiences.

Australian dietary supplements still have a large market for vitamins, minerals and sports supplements.

Australians wake up in the morning and habitually take vitamins repeatedly. Australian consumers are still unfamiliar with lactobacillus products, unlike in Korea; loyalty to existing third-party refrigerated packaging brands is also high; there is still a mountain to be crossed as a new brand to enter the market; it is necessary to grow the size of the probiotics market within the health functional food market through social awareness shifting and ongoing education of lactobacillus products, and strategies  to increase market share through differentiation from other Australian third-party lactobacillus companies.  It will take time, effort, and investment.

Q. I’m curious about PacificBlue Health’s marketing strategy.

We plan to focus our marketing budget and public relations capabilities to retailer and consumers.

Elementelle Probiotics+ will actively develop brand awareness through free to air TV advertising and catch-up TV to ensure build brand awareness, with the intent of ranging into major retailers.

In addition to TV advertising, actual consumers who have experienced the benefits of using Elementelle Probiotics + for a period of time, there will be a campaign to video testimonials to share  experiences on social media.

We will continue to develop social media marketing activities through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google platforms.

In order to increase the importance and awareness Gut Health, we plan to use opinion leaders
(influencers) from all over the world, develop long-health education programs, hold seminars and events, develop marketing activities and promote multichannel media to multinational communities in Australia (China, Korea, Singapore/Malaysia), as well as increase our distribution network.

In addition, we will utilise WeChat, Little Red Book and YouTube and partner with renowned Chinese influencers to promote media promotions that raise brand awareness.

We will continue to increase our sales force in Australia next year, measure in-store customer response to identify brand and product improvements, communicate more frequently with brick-and-store managers and store staff, and improve our customer service.

We will also develop campaigns to reward customers through regular promotions.

Q. How do you plan for the future?

The goal is to rank in the top six Australian probiotic brands by year end 2021 and be number one in the long term. In Australia, it is important to grow the entire pie. Australia is a mix of all races around the world. We see Australia as a bridgehead to the global market Based on the success of the Australian market, we will work to help Elementelle Probiotics + grow into a global brand.

Q. A word to juniors starting a business with the goal of entering the Australian local market.

It is necessary to conduct market research and preparation of the business areas and products entering, understand and analyse the Australian local market distribution network, price and margin structure, and target consumers. It is very important to establish a business plan that
aligns with short and long-term goals and in accordance with product development, marketing, sales, and business capabilities.

When you commence a new business there are likely to be challenged. You may need to get help from associated, but sometimes you must make lonely decisions on your own. You need to enjoy the moments you’re currently focused on. I think it’s important to live every day to the fullest with the power of positivity and fire in the belly. 

It is important to focus on your long-term vision and goals, to have confidence, to continue to learn, be respectful with open and transparent communication.

Gut health is the phrase on everyone’s lips these days when it comes to well being. Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s just another trend, or are having a hard time separating fact from fiction.

The idea that good health starts in the gut is actually not new at all. Hippocrates – the founder of modern medicine – talked about it way back in ancient times.

But over the last few decades, scientists’ understanding of probiotics and good bacteria has advanced in leaps and bounds. We now know much more about the role they play to relieve imbalances in the digestive system, and how they can influence everything from weight management to mental health.

Research has shown that the condition of the gut changes throughout life depending on diet, lifestyle, and environmental influences. It’s critical to consider how we can influence our gut health for the better at each and every life stage.

How babies, toddlers and young children benefit from a healthy gut

Encouraging healthy eating habits and behaviours at an early age can set children up for a lifetime of good gut health.

Babies and toddlers, in particular, are exposed to a wide range of bugs, bacteria and viruses as they grow and come into contact with other kids. Having a healthy gut provides the immunity they need through the childcare, preschool and kindy years.

While encouraging children to eat a wide range of fresh foods provides the best foundation, their ongoing gut health and ability to focus and learn can also benefit from occasional supplementation with specially designed probiotics and prebiotics.

A quality supplement can also act as the perfect backup for picky eaters, or after an illness or course of antibiotics.

Gut health is essential for women during their childbearing and raising years

Each individual’s internal bacterial profile is unique and is shaped by their mother’s health during pregnancy. Laying the groundwork for your children’s health therefore means you may need to improve your own gut health at the early stages of planning a family.

Constantly juggling a busy schedule of work and parenting as your children grow means you can easily fall victim to stress and anxiety. When a poor diet is added to the mix, gut imbalances can arise and result in bad bacteria taking hold. Your skin, hair and digestion and overall health can suffer.

Eating well and introducing more probiotics and prebiotics into your diet can get you back on track and help with clearer skin, improved bowel movements, a reduction in bloating, and less yeast overgrowth and infections.

Maintaining good gut health during perimenopause and menopause

During menopause and perimenopause, a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels can change your body’s hormone receptors, which affects how well your gut functions.

Additional probiotics can be especially beneficial for women who are experiencing the hormone fluctuations and symptoms that are part and parcel of these stages of life.

Boosting good bacteria in the gut through diet, exercise and well-chosen supplements are all important ways for women to stay healthy and vital during midlife.

The power of probiotics and prebiotics for healthy ageing and longevity

Immune response and bacterial diversity in the gut tend to decline in old age and make it challenging to stay healthy as the years tick by.

Not only are you more likely to fall ill from common viruses and infections, but bone strength, heart health, cognition and memory become extra, more serious, causes of concern.

As with other life stages, encouraging probiotics and prebiotics to thrive in old age rests on a foundation of a good diet and regular exercise. Often there’s a gap between your health goals and actual habits though and this is where using a premium supplement can come in.

For age-related conditions like suppressed immunity, memory decline and bone loss, vitamins and plant-based extracts can be combined in supplement form to enhance the effectiveness of probiotics and prebiotics.

Elementelle Probiotics+ avoids a one size fits all approach by combining probiotics and prebiotics with selected vitamins and functional nutrients in balanced supplements that work for a large range of commonly experienced health conditions. Whether you’re young, older, or somewhere in between, we have a specially designed supplement to meet your needs.

Find out which Elementelle Probiotics+ will work best for you

While scientists have long known about the strong links between the gut and the rest of the body, they’ve only recently begun to understand how incredibly significant the impact of good gut health is on overall well being.

Gaining the good bacteria your gut needs to be healthy starts with a balanced diet, but sometimes diet alone isn’t enough.

Poor soil quality and modern farming are known to change the nutritional value of food for the worse. Throw pesticides, GMOs and food additives into the mix and you have a potential recipe for disaster when it comes to dietary balance and diversity. Not to mention over-processing and the sometimes scary detours your food takes between leaving the farm and landing on your table.

Quality probiotic and prebiotic supplements can bridge the gap when diet and lifestyle changes fall short of achieving your goals. But when it comes to choosing a supplement, it’s important to know that not all products are created equal.

Here are some questions to ask before you buy:

  1. Are the supplements of sufficient quality, strength and purity?

It’s important to choose a manufacturer or supplier that demonstrates a clear commitment to quality, and one that has access to the latest scientific developments in the area of probiotic research.

Aim to buy supplements that have the optimal potency and mix of ingredients and where all components are traceable and free of artificial colours, dyes and synthetic fillers.

The importance of prebiotics in creating the foundation for good gut health have been clearly demonstrated so you may want to choose products that combine both probiotics and prebiotics in their formulations.

  1. Have the supplements been independently tested?

Whether your probiotic supplement is sufficiently potent and meets all the relevant standards depends on each batch being tested using independent, third-party laboratories such as the Australian Government National Measurement Institute.

Research the manufacturer’s profile and check product labels for this type of independent quality assurance.

  1. Are the ingredients environmentally friendly?

Are your supplements GMO-free and vegan friendly? Have they been manufactured by a company with a commitment to environmentally-conscious production and packaging, and one that leaves a low carbon footprint?

  1. How have the supplements been stored and handled?

The potency of probiotic and prebiotic products can be affected by how they’re stored and handled. You should choose a product that’s well within its use-by date and is shelf-stable. If the supplement requires refrigeration you should ask whether it’s been properly stored before you buy it.

  1. How do the supplements help with your specific health issues?

Finding the most effective and complementary strains of probiotics and prebiotics is key to getting the health benefits you need. Some supplements are combined with additional vitamins, minerals or other nutrients to deliver specific health benefits.

Keep your individual health profile in mind when choosing a probiotic or prebiotic supplement, and always choose one with the appropriate strains and combinations of additional ingredients to help you get the particular results you want.

Ask a medical professional for help if you’re unsure of whether a supplement will work for you.When it comes to choosing a premium probiotic and prebiotic supplement you can’t go wrong with Elementelle Probiotics+. We have exclusive access to scientifically validated probiotic breakthroughs, and our products are developed in world-class laboratories where they are independently tested for quality, potency and purity.

Is conflicting advice about a healthy lifestyle leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed? Despite all the noise, one idea gaining widespread agreement is this – a healthy gut and a healthy body are inseparably linked and boosting your gut health may well be the “x-factor” that finally helps you achieve your health goals.

Everything from your immune system, digestion, metabolism and appearance can reap the benefits of great gut health. And what’s more, scientists are even starting to uncover the links between the digestive system and mental health and happiness.

There’s so much to learn about the positive power of good gut health. Here are 5 key facts you need to know.

A healthy gut goes hand in hand with a strong immune system

We have trillions of tiny bacteria (both good and bad) in our digestive tract. The idea is to tip the balance in favour of the good bacteria – the probiotics – to harness their health-giving powers.

Encouraging good bacteria to grow can help suppress “pathogens” – the bacterial “baddies” – in your gut. This supports your overall health and can mean that you fall sick less often. A healthy gut can also help with other positive immune responses, like reducing allergies and inflammation.

Growing enough good bacteria helps you fight disease and ward off bugs, but it takes effort. Exercise, diet and quality probiotic supplements can all work together to bolster your immunity and keep it strong.

Gut health can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight

When it comes to keeping your weight in check the good bacteria in your body do a major part of the heavy lifting.

Keeping the gut healthy is important for weight loss and weight maintenance because of the role it plays in digestion, absorbing nutrients, and helping you feel fuller for longer.

Unfortunately, the average Australian diet can play havoc with gut health because of its low fibre content and lack of diversity.

A recent CSIRO report (CSIRO Gut Health & Weight Loss Report 2019) points to the fact that having a large and diverse number of healthy bacteria may help reset a sluggish metabolism and prevent obesity. Increasing your intake of prebiotics (we tell you more about these vital organisms below) is an important way of both boosting your fibre intake and encouraging good bacteria to thrive.

A healthy gut can strengthen your bones, hair, skin, nails  (and more)

Probiotics found in a healthy gut work wonders when it comes to fighting disease and controlling weight. But they can also benefit your body’s building blocks by providing complementary support alongside other vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

And there are a host of other reasons to encourage healthy bacteria to take up a permanent home in your digestive tract.

Many people notice a decrease in bloating, flatulence and indigestion after switching to a healthy diet or supplementing with probiotics. An additional bonus is the hormone regulating effect of good gut bacteria which can ease symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. And if those things aren’t enough – a healthy and diverse range of good bacteria in the gut can also boost heart health by controlling blood sugar and keeping bad cholesterol levels at bay.

A happy gut can lead to a happy mind

Serotonin – our brain’s “feel good” chemical – has a fascinating origin. In fact, studies have shown that up to 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. (2019 UCLA report via Science Daily:,transport%20serotonin%20into%20bacterial%20cells)

When stress triggers “fight or flight” hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, your system is given the go-ahead to shut down “non-essential” functions like digestion. This can have a knock-on effect on overall well being and start an unfortunate downward spiral where both your brain and body suffer.

Building good bacteria in your gut can be the circuit breaker that gets you back on track both physically and mentally.

Certain strains of good bacteria have been singled out as having a role in promoting mental health so if you’re using a probiotic supplement to help lift your mood it’s important to question whether it’s been specifically formulated for the job.

Prebiotics supercharge the power of probiotics for good gut health

Maybe you’ve heard about probiotics but not prebiotics. Or you’re familiar with both but wonder how they’re different.

These sets of organisms are like “bacterial besties” that work together to get the job done. Probiotics increase the type and number of healthy bacteria in the gut, while prebiotics help the probiotic bacteria thrive and flourish.

A varied, fibre-rich diet with plenty of fresh and minimally processed food goes a long way to laying the groundwork for good probiotic and prebiotic bacteria to thrive. But sometimes diet alone fails to do the trick and a quality supplement containing both probiotics and prebiotics can help bridge the gap.

Elementelle Probiotics+ offers a range of premium probiotic and prebiotic supplements, developed in line with the latest scientific advances in gut health. Learn more about how our specially formulated range can provide the boost you need to achieve optimal health and well being.