three new Elementelle Probiotics products

Pacific Blue Health Adds Three New Elementelle Probiotics+ to their Priceline Range

Elementelle Probiotics+, an Australian probiotics range, designed to improve the health of millions of Australians, affected by gut health problems, launched three new products in Priceline stores today. The additional products include Eczema Guardian, IBS Defence, and Women’s Health & PMS Balance.

10th May 2021

New Aussie Start-Up to Improve Gut Health

New Australian start-up Pacific Blue Health has launched a range of Australian made probiotic products designed to improve the health of millions of Australians affected by gut health problems. With the backing of South Korean pharmaceutical giant CKD Holdings, Pacific Blue Health has launched the Elementelle Probiotics+ range in Australia with ambitious plans already for expansion. Four […]

19th February 2021

Interview With PacificBlue Health Managing Director – John Kim

Q. Hello. Thank you for your company introduction. PacificBlue Health (PBH) was founded in Australia with a passion for better gut health and the hope that “we all want to be much healthier and happier.” PacificBlue Health (PBH) has researched, developed and marketed a range of Australian probiotic products to improve the health of millions […]

19th February 2021

Why good gut health is important at all ages and life stages

Gut health is the phrase on everyone’s lips these days when it comes to well being. Perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s just another trend, or are having a hard time separating fact from fiction. The idea that good health starts in the gut is actually not new at all. Hippocrates – the founder of modern […]

16th February 2021

Important questions to ask before you buy a probiotic (or prebiotic) supplement

While scientists have long known about the strong links between the gut and the rest of the body, they’ve only recently begun to understand how incredibly significant the impact of good gut health is on overall well being. Gaining the good bacteria your gut needs to be healthy starts with a balanced diet, but sometimes […]

16th February 2021

5 facts you need to know about good gut health

Is conflicting advice about a healthy lifestyle leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed? Despite all the noise, one idea gaining widespread agreement is this – a healthy gut and a healthy body are inseparably linked and boosting your gut health may well be the “x-factor” that finally helps you achieve your health goals. Everything from your […]

16th February 2021